Essen Spiel 14 Promo cards.

Promo cards from the Pleasant Company Games stand at Spiel 14 in Essen, Germany. From left: First look at ATT expansion earmarked for February Kickstarter campaign ; “Doomed Scrawls” speed sketch card by the artist at the show; “Easy Focus” Rules variant card allowing for a more powerful Focus token effect.

5 comments on “Essen Spiel 14 Promo cards.
  1. Steve Dubya says:

    Any word on if the Essen promos might get disseminated either as files on BGG or as a reprint for purchase?

    If printing them again might not be economically feasible, perhaps making the cards available for purchase via Printerstudio – that could then also provide for some money back to your company, while at the same time not having to either print or store that stuff yourselves.

  2. victor says:

    can you show it all in your blog/web…???

  3. Pleasant Company Games says:

    The promo cards were produced in limited quantities for the Spiel 14 show. There is no intention currently to reprint the promo cards.

  4. victor says:

    I discover your game in Essen, and I buyed it. Its a great and fun game, and love the art.
    ThereĀ“s any possibility to get these 14 promo cards???

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