The Dead Eye (2018)

The Dead Eye a solo adventure card game set in a cosmic post-apocalyptic world. The sole player assumes the role of the Pilgrim, battling across an inhospitable world, salvaging items, to reach ever further to the heart of a toxic planetary storm.

Gameplay involves drawing a card from a a single deck.
A player must either choose to face the Encounter shown on the card ( if not already facing an Encounter ) or place the card in a Good or Bad icon stack on either side of the current Encounter.
When the number of icons in a stack match the Good or Bad trigger shown on the current Encounter, the card is resolved, and either discarded or acquired by the player as an Item or Destination.
When the draw deck is depleted, the discard pile is shuffled to form a new draw deck.
The player begins with 5 Life and 5 Med cards. Should a card effect require that either of these cards be added to the discard pile and the player is unable to do so, the game ends.
The player then calculates their furthest distance by adding up the points shown on their Destination cards.

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