The Dead Eye (2019)

Sat-feed chatter from low-orb bio-cols call it, the bruise.
A swirling endless hurricane-vortex of black-crowed tox sleet and electro-static chaos.
To deep-space cargo lines passing the outer belts, the distant orb is named simply, the dead eye.

The Dead Eye is a solo card game of cosmic survival adventure.
The player assumes the role of the pilgrim, battling across an inhospitable world, salvaging parts, to reach ever further to the heart of a perilous electro-static storm.

Game-play involves drawing cards from a a single deck.
The player must either choose to encounter the Situation shown on the drawn card ( if not already encountering a Situation ) and place the card in the Encounter slot, or use the card for its Juice or Heat resource, placing the card in its respective good or bad icon stack on either side of the current encounter card-slot.
When the number of resources in a stack match the good or bad effect trigger shown on the current Situation, the card is triggered for a good or bad game effect. All resources that triggered the card are then discarded.
When the draw deck is depleted, the discard pile is shuffled to form a new draw deck.
The game begins with 5 Hope and 5 Dooms cards in two decks, and a 14 card starter deck in hand. Should a card effect require that a Hope or Doom cards be discarded and the player is unable to do so, the player loses the game.
The base game includes three Chapters in the Story.
Each Chapter consists of several Target cards that may be attempted in place of a Situation.
The object of the game is to complete a Chapter before losing the game.
A Chapter may only be attempted if the previous Chapter in the Story has been completed.

The game includes 54 unique cards, player mat, rulebook and 3D glasses.


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