Essen Spiel 14 Promo cards.


Promo cards from the Pleasant Company Games stand at Spiel 14 in Essen, Germany. From left: First look at ATT expansion earmarked for February Kickstarter campaign ; “Doomed Scrawls” speed sketch card by the artist at the show; “Easy Focus” Rules variant card allowing for a more powerful Focus token effect.

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Captain Robert Scott’s South Pole team unloads supplies from the Terra Nova.

Photograph by Herbert Ponting, National Geographic.

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Antarctic board games of yore.

Antarctica (1)

‘Antarctica’ board game, 1913, made by National Games Company, Melbourne. National Museum of Australia.

The strange things one finds during game development.

The above image/game dates from the time of Scott and Amundsen’s historic race to the pole. How playable or fun is debatable – essentially a roll and move. Good to know that the last time the subject matter was tackled in a board game was a 100 years ago!

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