Ancient Terrible Things:The Lost Charter Kickstarter campaign

Pleasant Company Games is excited to announce the launch of Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter, a travel expansion for the cult pulp horror dice-chucker, and the 2nd edition of the base game, on at 2 Minutes to Midnight, on Friday the 13th, March 2015.(SAST)

Kicker preview link will be posted here at 4.58pm (SAST)

Join us for early bird rewards, before the dreaded clock strikes 12.

Some thing shall awaken…


5 comments on “Ancient Terrible Things:The Lost Charter Kickstarter campaign
  1. Derek says:

    Link to newsletter?

  2. Mark says:

    So awesome, so happ right now. I completely missed this KS. I’m wondering why I have no email or some kind of notification from PCG or KS or someone??!?!

    • Pleasant Company Games says:

      Our newsletter subscription will be up in the near future, to prevent any of our loyal supporters, falling through the media cracks.

  3. Walts says:

    Cool, cool … made the first 50!!!

    But Facebook logins playing up!?!?

    Walts (aka Joe)

  4. Walts says:

    Missed the first KS, so looking forward to getting in on the action for the second … the horror shall awaken in old Irvine town and none shall survive (well, the first few games anyway as we learn!)


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