Carnival of Boxes.

Once again, our team was back, deep in the recesses of Hall 4 at the Spiel 18, in Essen Germany.
A great show was had, with new players being introduced to the worlds of Pleasant Co, and returning fans getting a chance to have first peek at our upcoming project, The Dead Eye. There were also a few Kickstarter pick-ups from our recent ATT: AwakeTen campaign, the unveiling of a mini-expansion for Konja, and some mad scribblings by the artist.
Thanks to our team, Adhil, Loredana, Julia and Rob for explaining, smiling and playing.

2 comments on “Carnival of Boxes.
  1. Eric Mattar-Hurlbut says:

    When is Grimm Heroes coming?

    • Pleasant Company Games says:

      Our focus in 2019 is on The Dead Eye.
      Grim Heroes is currently scheduled for development in 2020.

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