Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter (2015)

Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter is a travel expansion pack for the pulp horror dice game, Ancient Terrible Things. The expansion includes 54 new, unique cards, including Encounters, Achievements, Feat and Swag, travel-ready Location cards, Character Curses, three new Revelation dice, a 5th playable character and a full colour rulebook with details of travel set-up,  new card effects and rules for solo play and a 5-player game. Additionally, the expansion comes in a compact travel-friendly box with a raised dice-roller platform.

The expansion introduces new mechanics and card types to compliment the base game, without adding unnecessary complexity. These include:

Revelation Encounters – which add a Revelation die to your dice pool. Revelation die can only be used for overcoming the Encounter dice combination, and not for gaining Resources.

Warning Encounters – in which a Terrible Thing token is removed from the Expedition track if you fail to overcome the Encounter, but the token is not added to your stash.

Event Encounters – which replace the Location Action on a Location, and introduce ongoing game effects, until a character thwarts the Event.

Obsessions – Characters begin the game with a unique Obsession, that can only be discarded by Foreshadowing an Encounter. Foreshadowing involves intervening in an opponent’s failed Encounter, and successfully overcoming that Encounter.

Release date:  December 2015.

9 comments on “Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter (2015)
  1. Aistis says:

    Is there any update about the reprint (base game included)?

  2. Mark says:

    Is using the obsession cards the only way to foreshadow ? Can you foreshadow any failed event and only lose the obsession card if its type match ?

  3. Raúl Chávez says:

    Hi! I just bought my copy of Ancient Terrible Things and I was wondering if you have any plans to reprint or re release the expansion (since it seems to be unaveilable or way to expensive on secundary market), or for future expansions or mash ups with your other games (Konja or Grim Heroes)?

    Thank you.
    Best regards.

    • Pleasant Company Games says:

      There are no plans to re-print the expansion in 2018, but please sign up to our newsletter on this site, and we will inform you of future releases and re-prints. (update 04/18: see later post for announcement)

      • Raúl Chávez says:

        Sad to hear. Nonetheless, I have already played the base game 3 times with my wife and we are enjoying it a lot. Looking forward to try Konja and for the release of Grim Heroes!


        • Bob Netherton says:

          I have to add my name to this list as well. I too only recently added the base game to our collection and it has become a favorite at our game nights. I’d love to see a reprint of the Lost Charter expansion.

      • Karen Albright says:

        We’re also sad about that. my husband just discovered this game and would love to add the expansion too. It’s very frustrating that this one and done printing practice exists. We’do love to be able to play this and also introduced friends and family to good games. 🙁

        • Pleasant Company Games says:

          There seems to be a strong demand for a reprint of the expansion. Sign up to the newsletter for a Kickstarter re-print announcement for August 2018.

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