Tales from the Amazon.

Pleasant Company Games and Red Box Editora are excited to announce that the production of the Portuguese version of Ancient Terrible Things has commenced with our manufacturers, Panda Game Manufacturing. This new language edition will be available exclusively through Red Box Editora. We are thrilled to see the world of Ancient Terrible Things come to the shores of Brazil, a country steeped in pulp novella lore and adventurous tales of the Amazon river. As part of Red Box Editora’s very successful Catarse campaign in 2017 (Catarse being the Brazilian version of Kickstarter) we have been working closely with the team at Red Box Editora to create some unique and exclusive Ancient Terrible Things content for their Catarse backers. Additionally, as part of the stretch goals of the Catarse campaign, Red Box will be publishing the first localized version of our latest new expansion, Madness of McGuffin, which brings in new game mechanics as found in our latest Dicequest game, Konja.

2 comments on “Tales from the Amazon.
  1. debbie3r4 says:

    Love the new artwork! Any chance of an english version of the new cards etc sometime in the future?

    • Pleasant Company Games says:

      The artwork was produced exclusively for the Brazilian edition, but there will be new ATT content soon!

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