The Dead Eye (2021)

Sat-feed chatter from low-orbs call it the bruise.
A swirling hurricane-vortex of black-crowed tox-sleet and electro-statik chaos.
To deep-space cargo lines passing the outer belts, the distant orb is named simply as the Eye.

The Dead Eye is an adventure card game for one player.

Assume the role of a lone thermo-bandit downed on a hostile backwater planet.
Your mission? Find the next safe haven before you lose all hope and strength… and maybe, just maybe, find a way off of this desolate rock.

The game includes a 16-page prelude comic, 20-page rule-book, double-sided game board, 54 unique cards, two pairs of stereoscopic 3D spex and one pair of “hook-behind” 3D spex.


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